Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Ravatar and a sleeve picture

To the left you see Rhys Ifans as Adrian from Little Nicky. I must admit, I'd never been an Adam Sandler fan, but one night a movie started with Jon Lovitz (who I really like) as a peeping tom who ends up in Hell. I was intrigued and kept watching. Little Nicky is a fun, campy film that I really enjoy. You should know by now I like bad movies. Anyway, I've thought for a long time Adrian would make a fun avatar, especially eating pizza and drinking peppermint schnapps.

Also, I've got a thing for Welsh, Scottish and English guys with that kind of hair. Other examples are Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood.

On to other things -

Here's a picture of the left sleeve for Keith's sweater. I was able to knit about 20 rows last night, and I switched from intarsia to fair isle near the top of the flame. I can tell the difference where I switched, and as it's the first time I've tried fair isle, I'm not surprised. Everything improves with practice, and I've heard blocking can do miracles to knitting. Thank goodness it's not so noticeable that I feel the need to rip it out and start that part again. I will say I think next time I may knit a sweater with texture instead of colorwork. I'm not loving doing the colorwork.

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