Thursday, October 23, 2008

I want my Cat TV!

So, this is what this is for. I was wondering. It's been making a noise the past day or two. It kind of sounded like a quiet stream.
Hey, does this mean I don't have to go outside to look at that thing that's been teasing me all summer.

I thought I could see it better from here. Yeah, that's good.

Well, maybe it's not so good. I could try another angle. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Wait, when it was outside, I could stick my paws in the water and really watch it move. How do I get my paws through this thing?
(Right after the picture) HEY! Put me down, you stupid human. I wasn't hurting anything. What do you mean I weigh too much to sit up there?
In other news, Chubby has a brand new litterbox. Let's see what he's thinking.
Does she really this will keep me from kicking litter all over the place? I like a challenge.

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