Tuesday, March 17, 2009

500 and still going.

This is my 500th post. I thought it needed to be about more than how much I hated housecleaning, but I've been having trouble thinking of something deep and meaningful to say.

I've put off writing this post for several days. It seems a milestone should be singular and outstanding. I've been thinking about having a contest where I give away a ball of sock yarn. What do you think? Sure, it won't be on the 500th post exactly, but it will commemorate that post.

I know sock yarn isn't fair to those of you who don't knit, so what I say to you is, "What's the matter with you? Pick up needles and give it a go." To be fair, that's part of why there isn't a contest (yet) because I've been wondering what to do about you non-knitters.

So there. Post 500 is done now. I won't be pondering and worrying about being witty, urbane, philosophical or any of that tripe. From here on out I can get back to showing pictures of knitting and regaling you with tales of an ancient kitty. Yes, Scooter is still with us and doing fine. Today is liver day, but thank goodness he's finally napping on the bed. Sweeping and preparing to mop are not easy when you can't get the stubborn, tiny, old kitty to get out of the way. I want to indulge him any way I can, especially since on top of being mostly, if not all, deaf, we've noticed his eyes are getting a little cloudy now. I need him to cooperate today since we've got company coming for dinner, and I've got to get as much red clay dust and mud cleaned up.

ETA - when/if I do a contest, it's going to be good sock yarn, not something that is easy to get. You know the kind of stuff - where you have to stalk an etsy shop or website and keep refreshing to get the yarn. Yeah, that's the stuff.

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ikkinlala said...

Congratulations on 500 posts!

(I'm a knitter... I don't have any ideas about non-knitters.)