Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Age doesn't get in his way

It pains me sometimes to look at Scooter. He'll be 19 in June, and he's gotten so frail looking. I know he has some arthritis, but just try sneaking supplements into his food! You would think, that he might have learned some good sense, but he is a cat. Not only that, we've let him get away with more in his old age.

However, just a few minutes ago, I heard Sassy growling. She was eating her breakfast, and I certainly don't need to watch that, or so I thought. Scooter had come out from under the cabinet where his pillow is to snatch a piece of meat off her plate! Sassy was not happy about that! I don't think she enjoyed the rest of her meal as I had to keep running Scooter away from her, and she doesn't like all that activity around her dish.

I've told Sassy it's only fair as she is always sneaking cat food when she thinks I'm not looking, but I see that dog logic and human logic work much differently.

ETA: I watched Castle the other night. I thought it was a cute show, and not just cause Nathan is so darn cute.

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