Monday, March 30, 2009

Did you ever notice

that sewing really cuts into your knitting time? I was updating my knitmeter, and boy! I've not done much knitting this month.

I just called the vet's office, and Sassy has an appointment for Friday morning. It's the earliest we could get in with the vet we've been seeing recently. I think she'll be okay until then. I'm keeping an eye on everything, and unfortunately, she's not the first dog we've had with strange skin issues. April, the first dog Keith and I had, had all sorts of skin problems. Hers were different from Sassy's, but it got me trained up for Sassy.

We've never actually picked out a dog. Both Sassy and April were dogs we found roaming in our neighborhood. We looked for owners both times, and I think both times the former owners were not looking for them. Poor April had grown into a choke chain when we found her, and she was scared of men although she learned to love Keith. She lived to a ripe old age of around 14, we think, as we never knew her real age. So, I do know how to deal with animals with issues.

Anyway, the vet and I should have some fun on Friday. In the meantime, I think I've been treating Sassy more as a lab when I should be treating her more like a Shar Pei. From what I've read, she's the worst sort of mix as Shar Peis and Labs have polar opposite nutritional needs. I'll discuss it with the vet, but I think instead of ham and potatoes that I may need to try oatmeal and poultry of some sort. Either that, or Keith going to have to get his hunting license and bag the maximum amount of deer this next year to feed her. (Sorry to any vegetarians out there, but let's face it, dogs need meat. Yeah, I know they are omnivores, but I have visions of the camping scene in Blazing Saddles when I think of feeding Sassy beans.)

So, it's Monday. What fun do we have planned for this week? Septic tank gets pumped tomorrow. Keith has let me know that playtime is over, so I either need to start getting stuff posted on etsy, or I need to start jobhunting. It's gonna be a fun week, including all the usual grocery shopping, starting to go to the gym again and more rain heading our way later in the week. yeeha.

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