Friday, March 20, 2009

Public Service Announcement

It is best if you always keep an extra cover for your heating pad. Sometimes a marauding cat may decide to imitate a pelt and drape herself over said heating pad and a stack of magazines in search of the perfect spot to relax.

It's also best if you keep something on top of your DVD's as said cat finds them to be a perfect place for a nap too.

Yes, this is Lily acting as if she is boneless. Keith was less upset when he saw the cover was off the heating pad. (I think it's already in the laundry.)

You may find that keeping disinfectant wipes on hand will be the most convenient for the multiple times a day that you must wipe off your counters.

After all, the window over the sink gives a different perspective of the back yard, far different from that of the window situated less than 8 feet away.

Whenever the human puts anything down, it must be thoroughly investigated. This need to investigate is increased exponentially if she tries to move your paws away from said object.

This is Gale's sock yarn. I am really loving it. I've knitted as far as the heel turn, but these pictures are from yesterday. I'll take more tomorrow after I've done the heel.

And finally, here is the back of my Basil. I've knitted to the arm and neck shaping, but I've set it aside to knit on the socks for Gale.


Shari said...

Yes, I have issues with kitty interference and bonelessness...makes knitting even more of a challenge at times! :)

Eve said...

That's why I've given up on lace with lace weight yarn. I don't think I'll ever be able to do it since I don't ever want to be catless.