Friday, March 27, 2009

Rain, rain, please fall on Lake Lanier

Obviously, it's monsooning here. The sump system we had installed this past summer is working quite nicely, pumping out the water and keeping the basement nice and dry.

Last night Keith and I went to the Fox Theater to see Zahi Hawass speak. Ever since Ramses was discovered to be at the Michael C. Carlos Museum, Dr. Hawass has become more involved with what goes on here in Atlanta. I remember when the Carlos Museum was raising funds to purchase the collection from the Niagara Museum, and I went to see Ramses just days before Dr. Hawass came to take him back to Egypt.

He spoke to a nearly totally packed house last night. Since I recently finished reading all the Amelia Peabody books, my curiousity had led me to the Theban Mapping Project's website, so when he was talking about the Valley of the Kings, I wasn't totally in the dark. I'll admit to being in the dusk about it all since I know so very little, but that didn't have any impact on my enjoyment of his lecture. At one point Keith said to me, how could he remember all the details of the different tombs, and I told Keith that if you are passionate about a thing, it's easy to remember. The enthusiasm and passion with which Dr. Hawass spoke about these mummies and tombs is infectious. He's having DNA testing done on the mummies in the museums in Egypt in order to identify them and put families back together. I find it fascinating. He had a booksigning afterwards, but neither of us wanted to wait in the very long line.

As for me, I plan to enjoy this very rainy day in front of my sewing table, whether it is cutting out pieces or making more bags and tweaking patterns. I am rather pleased that I found a size for wine bottles as I had tried to make one several years ago, again with no pattern, and it wasn't quite right. And as Marne mentioned in the comments of my last post, I have to develop one that has room for your whisky and your knitting. Gotta keep'em separated!

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