Sunday, March 8, 2009

It's a lovely day in suburbia

This time last week we were watching the temperatures drop and wondering if the snow really would stick. We had snow once or twice last year, but none so far this year.

This week, the temperatures are rising to springtime levels, mid 70's by this afternoon. Most of the flowers have survived last week's snow and ice, although some of the hyacinths have already turned brown. I think I'll just go buy and plant some more.

Sorry that these flower pictures aren't the best. I wanted some spring color, but the sun is shining too much for the best shots.

As you can see by this action shot, taken last night, Lily has fully recovered from the indignity of going to the vet and is very intent on figuring out just how to get the fish. She gets behind the aquarium several times a day to chase the fish. Sometimes I wonder if the fish has gotten used to it since it seems bored when she's not up there checking it out.

I've been working away on my Basil, and I wanted to show you my progress. As usual, I had a cat volunteer to model, but like all models, they don't always understand what the photographer needs from them. Mr. Chubbers could benefit from watching America's Next Top Model and listening to Nigel and the rest of the judges. However, his cuteness prevents this photographer from giving him a negative review.

This last photo shows Gale's Art Fibers new sock yarn. I'm to be a test knitter, and I've been letting ideas percolate since I think I'm going to finally try my hand at designing. I see it's going to be more work than I ever thought as I'll have to do a fair amount of test knitting to get the pattern to do what I want. Yes, I can make a chart, which I most certainly plan to do, but what you see on paper and what the yarn does can be two separate things, especially for the novice designer.
I do apologize for this post being longish and leaping from subject to subject. Now, on to the next subject.
We watched Blade Runner last night. I had heard Ridley Scott on NPR one evening. I think it must have been Fresh Air. He was talking about how he had been able to finally do release Blade Runner the way he had always wanted to in this DVD release, Blade Runner, The Final Cut.
Yes, I am quite old enough to have seen Blade Runner in the theatres back in 1982. I probably watched it a time or two after that when it was on cable, but I haven't seen it in maybe 25 years. It's hard now to separate my older memories of it with the newer ones from watching it last night, so I won't try. I just remember that I liked it, but not in the way I enjoy watching Predator over and over again.
It is so interesting to watch it and see how movie making has changed so much in 25 years. Last night I kept thinking "Keith must be bored out of his skull. People are talking. There are no explosions." I haven't asked him, but he was playing video games and surfing on the net with his phone the whole time.
As for the movie itself, you can read the wiki on it. As for me, I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. Yes, it is a slow paced movie. If you want explosions, lots of bloody deaths, and wild chases, this movie is not for you. If you actually like to think about movies and wonder about things like what it means to be human, then you will like it.
ETA: Keith's opinion of Blade Runner - "Lame."

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