Thursday, March 5, 2009

Still here

I've just been on either Facebook or Ravelry or actually knitting.

I've finished Keith's first Wollmeise sock. Last night I finished the first sock in the Bearfoot pair too. Both the Wollmeise and Bearfoot are dark colors, and I found I was longing to work on some yarn that I could actually see more easily.

First I cast on the second Bearfoot sock, then I picked up a lovely ball of Rowan Summer Tweed in color 527, a spring green with tiny tweedy bits of blue. Time for that next Basil, the one with some adjustments. I decided to try the stockinette border instead of seed stitch for this one. (I have 2 more bags of Summer Tweed - thank goodness for stash building while I was earning money.) I tried on my yellow one again and decided that I'm making a size smaller for this one. I don't want it to fit like a bag if I lose weight, and even at my more voluptuous size, the yellow one is a little baggy.

Tomorrow, first thing in the morning Lily and I are going back to the vet. She's been foaming at the mouth when we give her Benadryl. No, she doesn't have rabies. I think she really doesn't like the taste, but Christie told me that her cat foamed at the mouth from it as the cat was allergic to Benadryl. I spoke to the vet, and Lily is getting the lump aspirated. I wonder who's going to need the sedation - me or Lily?

Snow and ice this past Sunday, and today I have the windows open to let in the mild spring air. The weather may be schizo, but this is the South. The next 7 days are going to be absolutely wonderful with highs in the 70's and lows in the 50's. Window weather for sure, although everything in the house will soon be yellow as the pollen starts to blow from the trees. To tell the truth, I don't mind a bit since I love spring as much as I love fall. Daylight savings time is just around the corner too.

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