Saturday, March 21, 2009

There really was a table underneath!

As you know, if you've read my blog for any length of time, I suffer from a severe case of packratitis. I know, I've read that I can call myself a collector, but when your so-called office looks like the set of Sanford and Son after a tornado, your hubby won't buy the collector label.

My sewing table has been buried for several years now under 3 unfinished curtains, 2 basted quilts, stacks of books, knitting patterns and let's be honest, assorted junk and some cat fur. Today, it looks like this:

In the lower left foreground is a quilt I started for my cousin's baby. I purchased all the fabric before the baby was born, and I think I even got the entire top pieced too. I think said baby is now 4 or 5. I quilted it last year sometime, and today I plan to look through the two bins of quilting fabric for the binding material. I think I saw it, so I can get the binding done. If I'm diligent, I can get it to her before she turns 6, unless my math is off. Let's face it, the years can just fly by.

The cats haven't decided what they think about the table. It was much softer with the basted quilts on it. Lily is pondering all this space.

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