Sunday, March 1, 2009

Southern snow

Hey, the weather guys got it right. Boy, do we have snow.

Large, clumpy flakes coming down very quickly.

Covering everything, including our street, with the fluffy white stuff.

This doesn't happen here very often, so we enjoy it when it snows.

It's Sunday, and we don't have anywhere to go. I have food, and I didn't even have to run to the grocery store in a panic to buy bread and milk.

Really, why bread and milk? I've always thought that was strange. Maybe if you bought peanut butter and jelly with that bread and milk, it would make sense, but the grocery stores always run out of those 2 items when it snows.

I'd be in a real bind if I ran out of petfood, but once again, let me stress, this is the South, and by the end of the week the temps will be around 70 F again. Sure, we'll have today and tomorrow with snow, but it will all be gone within 48 hours, and except for my dead flowers, you won't even be able to tell it was ever here.

However, we'll all enjoy it while it's here. It is providing Lily and Chubbers with something very strange to go check out. After all, they were both stray cats who found their ways here, and they've seen rain, but who knows if they had ever seen snow before.

I kind of doubt it. The 2 winters before they showed up were both very mild. There had been some apartment fires several weeks to a month before they showed up together, and I've always thought they had lost their homes in the fire.

Don't worry, they were out less than 5 minutes. They couldn't stand looking at it out the window, so we all went outside to see it more closely. We had a very loud thunderclap that scared Chubbers to bits, and he went racing back indoors. Lily, as you can see, had to do more investigating before she came back inside. It's her duty to thoroughly check out everything. She's lucky she had 9 lives.

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