Saturday, March 14, 2009

Acting like a normal person (all about shopping)

Now that's something I don't do very often. Knitters are in their own little world, as are people who have been self employed, subcontractors or retail employees. In other words, I often do things like hit the mall on a Tuesday when they're not busy at all.

Ahh, Tuesday morning shopping is so nice.

Today, however, I met a friend who works a M-F, 9 - 5 job for lunch at Phipps Plaza. Phipps is a quieter place with some really high end stores. We met there for the smaller crowds and Johnny Rockets. The place was practically empty when we arrived at 11. After lunch and visiting, I went across the street to Lenox Square. Lenox is a much larger mall with some high end shops also, and it's usually busier. You must remember that I'm the one who goes there on a Tuesday morning, and I usually do all my holiday shopping online. I was aghast by the crowds. I needed to pick up a few items, such as goodies from Aveda and Lush, and a concealer from MAC, so I steeled myself and dove into the crowd. First stop, the MAC counter at Bloomingdale's, where a very sweet girl told me that my concealer was discontinued. Oh rats! She suggested I go to the Bobbi Brown counter to see what they have. The Bobbi Brown counter has 3 sales associates, and they are all taking their time with the customers that they have. While I can totally understand that, I didn't want to wait around just for a concealer. Off to Sephora.

Sephora is rocking. They are mega busy there, and I'm not sure how long I browsed around waiting for an associate. Luckily, I love that store, so waiting wasn't a hardship. The gal who helped me picked out a good color on the first try, in a texture I liked. (Let's face it. Sometimes those of us who are aging, and have thin, pale skin might need something a little heavier that teenagers do.) After spraying on two perfumes to try out, I pay and head to my next stop.

Aveda and Lush are just a few stores away from each other. I stop into Aveda first, only to find the product I want has been discontinued. Augh! It's one that I've been using as a facial cleanser ever since an Aveda aethetician recommended it. Now I'll have to find a new facial cleanser. To some of you this may not be a big deal, but my skin has gotten more reactive over the years, and trying new stuff isn't always a pleasant experience. I've had things break me out in a rash almost immediately. And to find 2 products that I really like discontinued in one day truly sucks.

At least Lush still has Keith's solid shampoo. Yes, this is what happens sometimes when you take your man shopping with you. You say, do you want to try anything? Next thing you know, you're buying him specialty grooming products too. Honestly, I don't mind. I figure the more specialty products he uses, the less fuss about what I may have in the cabinet.

As for knitting, this is a sorry excuse, but I'm stickin' with it. It's gray and drizzly outside today, so I can't take wonderful pictures of knitwear in progress. I cast on Keith's second Wollmeise sock yesterday. I had written notes about how many stitches I had originally cast on, and how I spaced out the increases, but I think they were written on the back of an envelope that has since been recycled. (What do you want to bet I'll find them just as soon as I finish with this toe?) I had to count stitches, count increases, write it all down in the notebook I found to keep in my knitbag, then I cast on, hoping it was all correct. So far, it seems to be.

For my lovely Basil in the green Summer Tweed, I've reached the armhole decreases for the back, which is the first piece I'm knitting. I won't even attempt to estimate when I'll be finished with the back as I have some sock yarn from Gale's Art that I need to test knit. Gale gave it to me 10 days ago, and I need to get started on it. I know I mentioned writing up a pattern for it, but I think I'm opting for the quicker way out, and I'm looking for a pattern to use. I have ideas which I need to cast on and try out.

Scooter slept with us last night since it had gotten cool in the house again. Just a few days ago I was very tempted to turn on the air conditioning, but I opened all the windows instead. Today I broke down and turned the heat back on. It's just that time of year. It goes from nearly 80 F highs to 45 F highs within 24 - 48 hours and back again. I just try to keep at least one area warm for the old kitty.

So look for pictures tomorrow should the weather cooperate. As for me, I'm off to look at Aveda online to see if I can find any remaining stock lurking somewhere, then I've got to see if I can talk Keith into watching Empire of the Ants with me tonight. Follow the link. There's a Simpsons reference. (I can relate almost anything back to the Simpsons. Yeah, I could get a real life, but mine is much more fun.)

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