Sunday, March 15, 2009

Still raining

I won't be taking any pictures of knitting projects draped across the stone bench today. We need the rain, so I'm ok with not being able to take pics.

What I'm not ok with is Lily running wild outside, then coming in with a mist of water all on top while also much wetter and leaf encrusted underneath. She likes to sit under the azalea bush and watch the birds, then come inside with a running leap and wet feet onto my desk and all the papers upon it. Ugh!

So I'll have to keep myself busy with some housecleaning and figuring out just what the heck has happened with our flex plan. They've been moving things from one year to the other, then telling me that we've been overpaid. Huh? It's our money - give it back! They have, of course, changed how things are done from the year before, so if we can't get it all straightened out, in 2010, I'll just skip it. They are supposed to make things easier, not more difficult, but it is insurance I'm talking about.

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