Saturday, March 7, 2009

In which Lily imitates a demon

I wish I could paint a better picture with words.

Yesterday Lily and I went back to the vet, along with Monster who needed a sanitary clip. Lily's lip is still swollen, and Dr. Alicia wanted to aspirate it to look at the cells. That's all well and good.

Thus, Lily was taken into the back upon our arrival to have a needle inserted into her lip to remove some of the cells. Well, that just wasn't going to happen. I could hear snarling and growling coming from the back. After a few minutes, Dr. Alicia came back in and said she wouldn't be able to take a sample without sedating her. She'd already clawed Andrea on the back of the hand. I called Keith, and we decided upon 1 more course of antibiotics and a liquid homeopathic instead of a pill. (Lily is just about impossible to pill and surprisingly very picky about what she will eat for a former stray cat.)

When I had first arrived I had asked Dr. Alicia to show me how to make a kitty burrito (where you wrap your cat in a towel in order to immobilize it for pilling). We practiced with Monster, who behaved wonderfully. Next, we got Lily onto the table. She is starting to growl again. She gets wrapped into the towel, and she starts struggling. Dr. Alicia puts the worm pill into something called a piller after she shows me how to use it and puts it into Lily's mouth. Lily is getting angrier by the second. I honestly can't remember if she spit the pill out or if it didn't come out of the piller. The second try the pill does stick in the piller. Lily backs into the towel, pulling her head in like a turtle. Her head gets uncovered, and the doc tries again. This time a very angry Lily spits out the pill. It gets stuck in her fur. The tech is holding Lily by the scruff of her neck while the vet is trying to avoid her claws and get the pill out of her fur. The decision is made to grind the pill up, dissolve it in water, and squirt it into her mouth. Dr. Alicia leaves the room, and Lily goes ballistic. Susan, the tech, is holding a spitting, hissing, squirming, flailing Lily by her scruff and the skin above her tail. I have never seen a cat so angry. I make the decision to take the pill home where we can grind it up and give it to her ourselves.

With some growling, Lily gets back into her crate. I think everyone is relieved not to have to pill or medicate her anymore at the moment.

Her lip has been going down, then reswelling. If it shows no improvement with another round of antibiotics and this homeopathic treatment, I'm taking her back for a day at the vet where they can sedate her, and I'll be prepared to handle a drunk kitty when she gets home. (Drunk kitties are bad, but I have a feeling Lily is going to be really bad. I've always hated bringing them home while they are still affected by anaethesia. Confining Lily after getting spayed was really difficult as she still wanted to climb and leap. Locking her in the bathroom led to lots of yowling.)
Just writing about this makes me want an Irish Coffee to start my day. I haven't tried to give Lily her meds yet today. Hopefully the next entry won't be from the hospital where I am recovering from doing just that.

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