Saturday, September 27, 2008

Lily's newest sleeping spot.

Lily, former stray kitty that she is, has been scrapping with a feral cat that comes around to eat occasionally. Unfortunately, she had an abscess this week, and a trip to the vet today. Apparently she wasn't feeling very well after getting home from the vet (and who would be after having an abscess flushed out, followed by antibiotic shots). She decided to find a quiet place to sleep it all off. Now, I wasn't at home when this was happening, but Keith was. He heard some odd noises, the sounds of porcelain knocking together. When he went into the kitchen, he saw a tail hanging from the cabinet where we store our dishes. Lily was working her way onto the dinner plates!

You must remember that Keith is Lily's slave absolutely. The hinge on this particular cabinet is broken, and he knew there was no way to keep Lily out of it. Instead he took out the dinner plates, bowls and dessert plates, leaving almost the entire bottom shelf empty. She slept there most of the afternoon, went outside to snooze on the top of the van for a short while, and she's back sleeping in there again.

I suggested we put a box on top of the fridge, and I think we'll try that tomorrow. I need my cupboard back. I said we could get child-proof locks to keep her out until Keith replaces the hinges. I'd like someplace besides the dishwasher to store my clean plates. We'll have to clean the cabinets and wash the things she walked on.

Tomorrow - pictures and tales of the "scoop and squirt", or how we gave Lily her liquid medicine. If you see me in the next week, I've earned every bloody cut that I will have on my hands and forearms. I will have suffered growling, yowling, hissing, spitting and clawing to help Keith medicate his kitty. Hmm, I wonder if all that would warrant receiving a little blue box from Tiffany's? One that actually had something from Tiffany's inside it?

Nah, they'll just put our name on the wing we've paid for at the vet clinic.

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