Friday, September 5, 2008

Where's the plot?

Gale and I went to see Babylon A.D. today at the local Movie Tavern. Unlike the Mummy movie, we were not the only people in the theatre this time. That was really too bad as we had to be quiet the entire time, and this movie had us aching to talk. Mostly, what's it all supposed to mean? I won't go into spoilers, such as they are, just in case you were thinking of seeing it. Go see the matinee and don't spend full price to go. However, be prepared to be both puzzled and perhaps disappointed. I personally wasn't disappointed as I knew it wasn't going to be a good movie going into it, but I am puzzled. I'm not sure why so many writers don't understand the function of a plot. Ok, there is one. Smuggle the girl from Mongolia into the US and hand her over to her "mother".

Now, I don't mind a bad movie. In fact, I rather enjoy them. Would I watch this again? Only if nothing else was on TV, and I needed some background distraction.

If you do go, look for the Terminator reference. There is almost a direct quote from Terminator (the first one). Now that I think about it, there are also an idea lifted from Star Wars mythology. While imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, sometimes it is highly misused.

What did I take away from this movie? Just one important thought. Does Vin Diesel really have all those tattoos?


Janice in GA said...

Can't answer the Vin Diesel question, but I read that the director of that movie was basically disavowing it, saying it had been chopped up in the edit room into just an action feature.

Eve said...

Thanks, Janice. We've been wondering WTF?