Sunday, September 28, 2008

Whole lotta pictures

Let's start with Lily sleeping in the cabinet. As you can see, her human slave made it possible for her to have a nice nap out of reach of other kitties. The little varmint is sleeping right where my plates and bowls go.

I think this shot is saying "Why did you wake me up?"

And yes, that is the shaved area where the abscess is near her tail where her fur looks funny.

Doesn't Scooter look good for being 18 years, 3 months old? I love this expression Keith caught on his face. There were some other pictures, but I thought this one was too funny and very cute. "Where's that liver? I want it NOW!"

Here is some charity knitting for the Atlanta Knitting Guild. This is the fourth bear item I've knitted this year. They are very quick and go to such a worthy cause.

Here are my Woolly Boully socks in progress. I love how the pattern changed when I switched from stockinette to ribbing in the cuff. That's also why the cuff looks so thin. It's 2x2 rib.

These are the Roses for You socks. Woo hoo! A finished project!

A detail of the lace panel. I think I need to get some sock blockers.

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