Monday, September 8, 2008

Sub Q for Scooter again

He's gotten a little dehydrated, which the vet said might/would probably happen. He's still very perky for a cat his age and not at all happy for us to force some fluids into him. I think he'd much rather do it the old fashioned way, but he just isn't drinking enough liver broth.

I'm taking a few days off work as Keith is on vacation this week. I am so burned out. I really need the break. I'm sure it won't be long enough, but hopefully it will help recharge my batteries. We have plans for working in the basement again. I don't think we've done anything down there since the push to clear it out for waterproofing. The plan is to sort more items into ebay, Goodwill and keep piles. Goodwill items are going there this week.

We won't work all vacation. There is the field trip to Ikea, as well as a movie matinee. The weather forecast is cloudy with some rain. I think it rains almost every time Keith has vacation. This time we've planned things that don't need nice weather to do, but I still don't have that half day at the spa scheduled.

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