Friday, September 26, 2008

Visions of Mad Max

As much of the Atlanta metro area and north Georgia runs dry of gasoline, I find myself thinking of The Road Warrior. Will the lack of gas lead to bikers in bondage gear roaming around the state stealing fuel and just causing mayhem? Honestly, I doubt it. They would be confronted by hordes of angry Georgia and Alabama fans upset that the football game and all associated activities had been interrupted, and who'd want to be on the receiving end of that wrath?

As for me, I'm avoiding any unnecessary driving and keeping my eyes open for a station with some fuel. It seems unlikely that any will be available until early next week. It's high time for us to end our dependency on oil and look for other alternatives. I may just have to learn how to make biodiesel and buy some old diesel Mercedes wagon from the '70's. (Hippification in progress.)

I must admit - I loved the costumes from the Road Warrior. Hippy paisley is much more comfortable, but black leather always looks good.


Kim said...

funny (1)

Janice in GA said...

Ha. I said the same thing to my husband last night as we passed a RaceTrac tanker truck. I think it's worse in town than up here in Duluth. I'm having flashbacks to the gas lines of the 70's.

I took the cat hair yarn I spun for Arlene to her yesterday!

trh said...

I've always loved the Mad Max movies. I hit well over a dozen gas stations when I was running out Thursday and tried to syphon gas out of my old car (which we kept for a teenager who now refuses to drive). I finally ended up stealing the gas from the lawnmower so I had enough to go find gas. I found it, but paid a lot more than I should have had to for it!

I can tell you now that if I see Mel Gibson coming after me for my gas, I'm gonna give it to him.

And just so you know . . . regarding the blueberries . . . I have 3 cats myself - not as many as you, but not few enough for little things to be safe either! The dog thinks they are her very own little friends and checks the tank several times a day, just to look at them!