Sunday, September 7, 2008

One awful truth about dyeing

Yikes! Why didn't this occur to me before?

A lot of the dyeing process needs to be done in a child free (no problem), pet free (major problem) area. A prefab building in the back yard is looking better, although this still needs to be cleared with the feline overlords (and the hubby).

Reality check. I'll probably have to work at the kitchen table either when everyone is napping outside, or when everyone is napping inside. I can set up the dyepot outside, and I'll get all my stock solutions made up when Keith is around to herd the helpers.

I have almost everything I need to get started. I'll go through the supply lists today in order to purchase the last few items I need. Hopefully you can see some experimentation here soon.

1 comment:

Janice in GA said...

I don't do that much dyeing, but the dogs aren't usually a problem. Of course, my dogs aren't capable of jumping up and walking on counters either....