Thursday, September 4, 2008

Top Model is back!

America's Next Top Model started Cycle 11 last night, and it was cheesier than ever before. The theme (for lack of a better term) was looking towards the future. It started off with some very bad special effects that were supposed to be the Jays beaming down, as in Star Trek. The model wannabes put on skin tight suits and did a runway walk. Boy, were some of them bad. I told Keith one of them looked like a gorilla in heels clomping down the runway. However, a good runway walk can be learned. It's much more difficult to change the bad attitude that some of these self styled divas have.

Tyra made her initial appearance as the "Tyrabot". Told you it was cheesy.

The Jays and Tyra met with the girls and made the first cut.

One thing (among the many) I find so funny about Top Model is the sheer ignorance of some of the girls. OK, I'm no model, but I can name 5 models. I can also name 5 designers. Sure, some of them may not be current, but I do know a bit about fashion. If I were going to try something like this, and I had probably watched the show before, I would do a little homework. At least look at Vogue or Elle. But no, why actually learn anything about the industry that you think you'd like to work in?

You know who knew the most about these things? The transgender model, Isis. Isis will need to work on her runway walk, but she actually looks like a model.

Keith watches Top Model with me a lot of weeks (and he's quite good at knowing who will be kicked off each week). One thing I've had to explain to him that models aren't pretty in the same way an actress is. Models can look much more unique and interesting than actresses. A great model may not be that attractive without all the accoutrements of a photoshoot. That said, I think it will be great to see just how far Isis gets.

Two episodes aired last night with the first real photoshoot and the elimination. It was, as always, quite amusing. Next week, accusations of racism and probably prejudices arising from having a transgender person in the house. Oh, and there's a vegan lesbian too. I think we have all the makings of a tempest in a teapot. Enjoy. I know we will.

Finally, I'm off to see another not-highly-rated action film tomorrow, Babylon A.D. Should be fun.

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