Saturday, September 13, 2008

See? I've been knitting.

I'm blaming this one on Kay from Mason-Dixon Knitting. Last year I heard a little about this campaign by an English drink company to raise money for Age Concern in order to help keep elderly people warm this winter. I would imagine that England gets pretty damn chilly. Everyone always looks so bundled up on the Britcoms. Oops, I've rambled on and not explained anything. Innocent Drinks is selling bottles with little knitted hats to raise the money.

So here's my hat being modeled by a water bottle. Sorry for the picture quality, but I was having a devil of a time taking a clear picture. I need to learn how to use the timer so that I don't move the camera when using the macro lens.
Hat details - leftover yarn from a baby blanket. Used pattern from Innocents site, but instead of knitting it flat, I knit it in the round in order to avoid seams. I see my pompom looks a bit lopsided in the picture, but I imagine it will look worse after it gets mailed to England.
I plan to be finished with my second Urban Fever Monkey sock tonight with pictures posted in the near future.
Now, on to discuss some herd mentality. Many gas stations here in Atlanta are out of gas. Somehow yesterday the population here got the idea that we would run out of gas because of Ike. In a rush of self fulfilling prophecy, they rushed the gas stations. Some owners, being overcome by gas fumes, raised their prices to levels that caused the governor to have to remind them that price gouging is illegal. Stations did run out of gas. Prices are over $4.00 for regular. And to what end? Fattening the wallets of station owners? Of course, I may be eating my words in a few days if prices don't drop like I'm thinking they will. I might also be taking public transportation if I can't fill up my vehicle in a few days. (I had been planning to fill it up as it is actually low, but it was at the shop getting some brakework yesterday.) The good thing about public transportation is knitting time. However, I'm hoping I don't have to use it as it takes sooooo long to get anywhere.

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