Friday, June 13, 2008

Another JJ update

Today JJ the kitty got spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. She is being released from quarantine, and in a few days she will be released to her old home. The rel just can't tame her right now, but she may try to at a later date. In the meantime, JJ can recover from the trauma of being around all those humans.

As for my own feral, Chubby gets so close when it's meal time that I have touched him several times this week. He runs off when I pet him, but now I know his fur is kind of coarse. He's been complaining a bit more since I've done the terrible thing, trying to pet him instead of feeding him quickly.

A friend from high school called me last night. I probably hadn't spoken to her in 10 years. When I left home to go to college, I left the city where I grew up. I return as little as possible. I didn't enjoy my childhood there, and while it's geographically beautiful, I don't think I'll ever live there again. I've kept in touch with very few people from there, and I haven't gone to any of the reunions.

Anyway, after talking to my friend, I decided to look up this guy I had been in love with all through elementary school. (Isn't the internet fun?) My father had also been a mentor to him, but as I hadn't spoken to my father in years after my folks got divorced, I didn't know about the mentoring business until after my father's death. Succumbing to curiosity, I looked him up. He was very easy to find. A prominent attorney, he's married with 5 children. Most importantly, he looks like a stuffed shirt. Looking at his picture, I'm wondering what the hell I ever saw in him? Sure, he's a pillar of society now, full of civic duty and sitting on several boards of directors. In my mind - how terribly dull! Has he ever had the panic of wondering if he has rabies from the cat he's just trapped? Has he ever sat in the twilight to watch the bats catch mosquitoes? Probably not. Thank goodness my love was unrequited, and that Xan, my friend Keith had tried to pick up, wasn't interested. Otherwise, I may have never met Keith, and my life would be much less fun and interesting. (Even if he can be delusional and thinks we're going to frame in our basement in our spare time during July and August.)

Take a minute and go Google someone you once loved or dated. My friend who called last night had dated 2 guys who turned out to be gay. She laughed about it, wondering if she had turned them, or did she just like tidy men?

As for me, I think I'll go look at pictures of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow to try to erase that terribly dull looking attorney from my memory. Or, I may go google someone else from my past to see what's going on now.

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Honi said...

ya gotta email me and tell who that is Eve?? curiousity is just tickling my fancy...