Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Loss of will

As many of you know, I work in a Local Yarn Store. You would think that this would give me greater power to resist yarn as I see it, sticker it, restock it and hang around it all the time. Not true. You see, when I go to a different yarn store, I see other yarns. Yarns I don't spend hours with, building up a resistance against.

There is a LYS going out of business here. I will admit that I've only been there twice. It's not at all convenient for me, and let's be frank, a lot of stores carry very similar stuff. Same yarns, different companies. And while it carries Rowan, there is another store that is much more convenient that also carries Rowan, so I just didn't go to this one. Don't get me wrong. It is/was a lovely shop. In this busy modern world, convenience, or lack thereof, can make all the difference.

So I knew it was closing, and I also knew that I could live without going there to see what was on sale. I had some curiousity, but no burning desire. However, a friend wanted to go, and I allowed myself to be persuaded. I thought, well, maybe they still have some Summer Tweed or Silky Wool that I must have. With that intention, I went to meet my friend there.

There was some Summer Tweed and Silky Wool left, but not in the best colors. Since I was waiting for someone, I perused the store. What I found was some Zara in a lovely rust color with quite enough for a sweater, and some Millefili Fine in a great orange. I also got a couple of books.

So, for those of you who have called me things like yarn devil (since I tempt you with yarn), yarn pusher, enabler, etc, just know that I'm actually no different from you. I find myself thinking now about possibly going back to this store for a couple of yarns that I didn't get yesterday. After all, I've had some time to think, and I may really need...

More yarn storage space.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of yarn, can you tell me what the name of that new cotton/viscose multicolored yarn is (it's in the white case against the wall)? I made a mental note of it so that I could tell my husband to buy me some for my birthday and then completely forgot. I think it started with a t.