Friday, June 6, 2008

JJ's continuing adventures

I got to talk to my relative (rel) last night about her JJ misadventure. That's the thing about imagination. What you imagine isn't always what you get.

My rel's vet wasn't interested in helping her with the feral, so she went to another vet that some of her friends and acquaintances used. She trapped JJ on Monday and took her to the vet, but the vet had some emergencies and couldn't do anything to JJ until Tuesday. Tuesday is when JJ bit the tech, and it was the vet who made arrangements with Animal Control to quarantine JJ. The vet said they could do it, but of course they wanted to charge big bucks, and since the rel thought it was their fault that the tech was bitten, she didn't want to pay. (Personally, I agree it with her on that, although accidents do happen.)

The woman who she's been dealing with at Animal Control has a friend who is a vet who also works with ferals doing TNR! OK, how lucky is that. She's the one who will try to get JJ spayed.

I also told the rel, don't worry. If it comes to it, I'll take her to Lifeline's clinic and have them spay her if I need too.

I just feel so badly for her. I mean, this is her first time to do TNR, and it's been such a bad experience for her. (I've edited it for the blog, so trust me - it's been bad.) She's a soft hearted cat lover who can't bear not to feed strays and ferals, but I truly feel if you're going to feed them, you also have to take responsibility to spay and neuter them. I feel this way mostly because of the day I had to take a malnourished, dying kitten to the emergency animal clinic. It was horrible, and I don't ever want to have to do that again. To that end I have trapped and spayed 3 females in my neighborhood and neutered 1 male. Like I said last week, I've seen a new cat lately, and it will get a trip to Lifeline as soon as I can arrange it.

I'm sorry about all the cat stuff lately. Knitting, what is that? I slogged away on the heathery gray sock last night while at knitting guild. I do wonder, will it ever end? I much prefer knitting socks for myself since my feet are much smaller than Keith's. I've also been knitting on my Meanie Luna Moth socks, and I'm nearly finished with the first one. Yeah! Knitting pictures soon!

Until then, here's a random picture of Monster from earlier this spring before the lion cut. You know cats, find the clean laundry and sit on it. Wow, she looks really grumpy in this shot.

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Kim said...

I love hearing the kitty rescue stories!