Monday, June 23, 2008

Only two rows!

That's all I was able to knit last night. We spent yesterday catching up on some of the deferred maintenance due to last weekend's massive basement clear out. Keith had to hook up the washer and dryer before I could do any laundry, so I got to clean bathrooms. Afterwards, I did laundry while he mowed the front and back yard and got the litterboxes. We had planned to henna my hair again last night, but time slipped away from us. We did try a new DYI project. Keith cut my hair last night! Before you are too aghast, my hair was down to between my shoulder blades. It's all one length, and what I wanted was to have a couple of inches trimmed. I knew that if it looked terrible, I could go get it fixed easily enough. He actually did a great job for a first try, and I trimmed it a bit in the front. I've found that ever since Tracy moved, I haven't found a hairdresser I just loved, and more times than I care to think about I've come home after paying decent $$ and trimmed it some more in the front. If I could see well enough to do it, I would just cut it myself anyway.

On to knitting. I find that even though I am so close to finishing, I just can't pick up that darn gray sock. I wanted to work on the mystery shawl last night, but some neglected kitty needed petting and would not let me knit. I was finally able to do one round of the pattern with very little ripping (thanks to the stitch markers). We were pretty tired, so we just went to bed early. Maybe tonight I can get some knitting done. I've made a huge dent in the laundry (I still have pet beds and some blankets to wash, but the clothes are mostly finished).

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