Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I have a cunning plan

I just love the way those words roll off the tongue.

Anyway, I have my plans for today.

1. Finish the gray sock. I am very, very close. Just a bit more on the toe, then the thrill of kitchnering 100 stitches together, and sewing in the ends.

2. Finish clue 2 of the GKAMS. I really want to get this done, and once Keith goes to work that's one distraction down. The cats are all out romping right now, so everyone should be good and snoozy soon. They just need to get a little sunbaked.

3. Start some no purl monkeys for me with the Wollmeise.

4. Get a nap. A two hour nap. Most easily done when the kitties all want to nap. Of course Grey will spend 10 minutes kneading my belly with sharp, prickly claws, but I'll pay that toll if I can get a couple of hours of blissful snoozing. Snoozing without the phone ringing. Snoozing without dreaming I hear Sassy whimpering to go out (and getting up to check, then standing outside in the dark while she runs around the yard exploring instead of tinkling). Blissful snoozing without the sputtering of a hubby's clogged sinuses.

Hmm, maybe I'll move the nap to the top of the list.


Kim said...

Good luck!

Kim said...

Tagged you for a meme!