Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Oh the noise!

Yeeha! The basement is being waterproofed today! We've moved some stuff to storage, some to Goodwill, and some to the backyard. Before we go to bed tonight we've got to move the stuff in the yard back into the basement. I may be Southern, but I'm not that Southern.

Oh yes, I forgot we've got a big pile for recycling tomorrow too. This time instead of a cracked laundry basket we have a dog chewed holder for newspaper to keep it together for recycling. (It looks amazingly like a laundry basket, just without the smaller mesh.) Years ago, when he was a young pup, our dearly departed Ripper once again justified his name.

While I will admit that I'd much rather be knitting instead of framing in rooms, I'm kind of excited about making our basement into useable, liveable space instead of a scary, grimy, spider filled wasteland of unknown stuff. While we have come across things and said, "Oh, this is where that is!", we've also had quite of bit of "What in the world is that, and why do we have it?"

But where does the title of this post come in? Well, they have had to jackhammer away part of the floor all around the walls. Right now I'm hearing the whine of a saw going through cement. I'll be so glad when they are finished for several reasons, not the least of which is the banging and whining of equipment. The guys who are doing it are very nice. I peeked downstairs once, not really knowing what to expect since I had Keith take care of a lot of this. I'm not being a helpless female. I've found it's easier to let him talk directly to people than to try to relate it. The two of us rarely ask the same questions, and I've found what he thinks is important I haven't even thought about. Thus, he gets all the info he needs by handling it, and harmony is maintained in our relationship.

Best of all, I'm planning to move my office/fabric/yarn room to the basement. I'm an awful piler of things at home, and it drives Keith nuts. I'll be out of sight for him, which I think will actually relieve him of some stress. Every time he comes in here, he says we'll have to tackle cleaning and organizing my office. My answer? Stay out!

Summer of Socks 2008 starts this Saturday. Am I ready? Not at all. I still have 3 other socks in progress on the needles. I'll see what I can get knocked out over the summer. I want to use the Wollmeise Allen gave me soon, and if that's all I get done, I'll still be happy.

The other thing about having the waterproofing done today is that I can't do laundry! I gotta admit, it's kind of nice right now, but I'll be sorry later in the week. I think I'll go find a spot and work on Keith's heathery gray sock.

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Honi said...

congrats on the water proofing and getting organized.. thats always fun and it will be great for you to have your own little space to do your knitting.. congrats on that too..